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Introduction to Meridian Massage

Learn how to affect the Qi of the meridians and points with simple hands-on techniques. Explore common points to reduce stress, pain and anxiety in order to support overall health.

Viruses and the Immune System

Understand the dynamics of the viral life cycle and learn simple and effective ways to support Vital Energy as it returns to harmony after viral infection. Learn the details of the immune system and all its aspects, including immune response, specific and non-specific immunity and how stress can influence these vital functions.

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Thumb and wrist pain from over use in massage and acupressure

I received this email asking for help with a common issue for massage therapists and acupressure practitioners.   Hi there,  I’m Alex and I’ve been a massage therapist for 13 yrs now, and my question is this – 
I tend to use my thumbs a lot for pressure it’s a bad habit I know, I… Read more »