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Guidebook to the Five Elements

The 5 Elements support the balance and vitality of your  body-mind-spirit. What you will accomplish by the end of this class:  Practical ways to nourish and balance your body, mind, emotions and  spirit. Understand the qualities of each of the 5 Elements and their dynamic relationship to one another. Connect to and utilize the resources… Read more »

Professional Certification Program: Ontario, Canada

Immerse yourself in the study of the twelve regular meridians, the eight extraordinary meridians, main points of each meridian, Master Points of the Extraordinary Vessels, ancient point combinations, and methods for evaluating and treating imbalances of Qi.

Viruses and the Immune System

Understand the dynamics of the viral life cycle and learn simple and effective ways to support Vital Energy as it returns to harmony after viral infection. Learn the details of the immune system and all its aspects, including immune response, specific and non-specific immunity and how stress can influence these vital functions.

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Bladder Meridian

By massaging the Bladder meridian and many of the points along the back, pain can be prevented, good posture is reinforced, and an overall sense of energy and vitality is sensed throughout the body-mind.

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