Making peace with weeds

I began to attack the weeds this morning. And then I made myself pause, breathe, and remember to take care of my body while I weeded.  I’m used to flailing myself around when I work in the garden, especially when I’m weeding.  Especially when I’m weeding the full of new weeds that I just weeded… Read more »

The Quest in 2014

Current challenges and stages 1. Decipher that there is a spiritual path. 2. Decipher that the nagging urge, the sense of dissatisfaction of the mainstream’s notion of life, my feeling of angst, anger, sadness, fear and hopelessness is actually my Spirit longing for true expression. 3. Yearning for the spiritual path takes up all of… Read more »

How to work on acupoints

How to massage or apply pressure to acupoints (acupressure points) is a bigger question than it seems. I received an email today from someone asking this question – I am posting our exchange as I know so many people wonder the same thing. Question: I started to work on my body (using pressure on acupoints) … Read more »

Reduce Anxiety

Too much energy in the head can result in feeling anxious, overwhelmed, distracted, hyperactive, and unable to sleep. Every part of our body from head to toe requires energy. This energy, known as Qi (“chee”) in Chinese medicine can get out of balance. An excess amount of energy in the upper part of the body… Read more »

Monarch butterflies unfolding my heart part 2

I have been enchanted for weeks by caterpillars, chrysalis’ and monarch butterflies. I had the good fortune of capturing a video of a monarch emerging from its chrysalis a few days ago.  I hope you enjoy this as much I did: Check out Monarch butterflies unfolding my heart part 1.

Move Your Qi!

 Flowing Qi is happy Qi! Qi changes with the seasons. In the winter, even though there is much stillness Qi still flows. Winter Qi moves quietly and is located more deeply toward our interior. This is similar to way that the energy of trees is held in the roots during winter. Spring has arrived! Now… Read more »